About this blog…

I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

The views expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Netnod or any other of the organisations I have connections to.

How I run email – Updated version

I have earlier described how I manage my email. That was a kind of abstract description, so let me explain again, this time with explicit examples from my use of the excellent email client MailMate on Mac.

To start with, I use IMAP and sort email in different mailboxes. The filters are updated with the […]

How I manage my email

Lately I have not only got questions how I can handle all email I get, but also seen people more or less give up on the flow of email they get. Based on that I decided to describe how I manage my mail.

My email management consists of a few different building blocks, and each […]