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I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

The views expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Netnod or any other of the organisations I have connections to.

IANA Stewardship Transition

In various discussions before and during the ICANN52 meeting in Singapore I have heard too many people mixing up improvement of current processes with what I think is the IANA Stewardship Transition Process.

If I exaggerate a bit (yeah, just a little bit)…I view things this way:

Regardless of whether you feel the current process […]


At the joint JRC/Euro-CASE meeting at the European Commission on Jan 28, 2015, I expressed my number one rule for privacy and innovation discussions:

One must be able to choose who to trust!

This is important both for the one that is to trust and the one that want to be trusted. Both private and […]

My translation of Swedish Gov support of multi stakeholder model

I have on request cleaned up the Google Translate version of the Press Release from Swedish Government related to the ITU Plenipotinary Conference that just ended in Busan, South Korea. Big thanks to the Swedish Delegation and others that worked long and hard days to reach this outcome.

Press Release November 7, 2014 Ministry of […]

How I manage my email

Lately I have not only got questions how I can handle all email I get, but also seen people more or less give up on the flow of email they get. Based on that I decided to describe how I manage my mail.

My email management consists of a few different building blocks, and each […]

Circuits, clouds, communication on Internet

I wrote some time ago a paper together with my friend Gordon Lennox. Many people ask for it, and I have to send it over to the ones asking, one by one. For some reason I do not understand I seem to not have put the document here on the web, or at least I […]

It is payback time! – Government of Sweden on Internet Governance

Today is a wonderful day for us working with Internet Governance that do believe in an Open Internet and multi stakeholder model for its governance.

FTTH Council do have its yearly meeting 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, and there the IT Minister, Anna-Karin Hatt, made an opening speech that was among the strongest I have heard […]

My checklist for data collection mechanisms

The discussions about data collection and reuse is blooming after the incidents last couple of weeks. Of course, same things has happened now and then in Sweden since 2008 (I think it was) when we in Sweden started to get some discussions nationally on privacy, wiretap etc — related to Internet.

I have got asked […]

Why COM(2012) 238/2 is not a good proposal

I and many with me have serious issues with Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market’ COM(2012) 238/2, and no, it is not only the very long name of the proposal, but that the way it tries […]

Presentations from the previous millennium

I have been asked, specifically lately(!) to re-publish presentations I have had on naming, searching, finding and such things. Yes, I was working quite a lot with those things in the 1990’s. At the KTH in Stockholm, at Bunyip in Montréal and then at Tele2 in Stockholm.

Some of the base ideas that you can […]

104.5 points by spamassassin

Today I got an email that crossed the 100 point line in spamassassin. Note that I also run gray listing, which this message has already passed. These are the categories the message did hit:

Content analysis details: (104.5 points, 5.0 required)

pts rule name description 3.5 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100% […]