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I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

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Sushi Sam's – Best Sushi in the world?

After landing at SFO after a very long morning at LAX (you can read about it in this post) I decided it was time to have sushi – at 3PM… Why not. I left 101 and drove up in San Mateo to go to what has been my favorite sushi place since I think 1993, Sushi Sam’s. Sam himself was of course behind the counter and after having my normal sushi (ikura with quail eggs, toro, hamachi, sam special hand roll and bonito) I asked Sam for something that he chose. You can see it below. Salmon and butterfish. Wow, although I go there with high expectations, I am always surprised over how good this place is. Not cheap, but I did pick some expensive pieces. Worth the price though. At 3PM there was of course no line, but if you go in the evenings, I can recommend being there early. More people than I know this place… […]

IHOP – International House of Pancakes

When being in Rome, act as the Romans…or whatever the say is. I arrived to LAX very early in the morning, because I had expected a lot of traffic. A had planned to have a quick breakfast at the airport, but changed my mind and instead decided to drive by IHOP before returning the rental car. IHOP is of course open 24 hours a day, and serve all different kinds of american breakfast. You can find better breakfasts at other places, but also much worse. It is like McDonalds. You know what you get. Fast, efficient. I was btw lucky I had such a breakfast, because after being on the waiting list for the 8.40 flight to SFO (which was delayed to 10:00) and I did not get on that plane, I instead took the 10:00 flight, that departed at 11:45. I spent a very long morning at LAX, but after a 53 minute flight we landed at SFO finally, and I could drive by Sushi Sams on my way to San Jose. […]


The restaurant Carolinas in Anaheim, CA, is a nice cosy italian restaurant. You should not go there if you are not very hungry. Had a veal in thin slices in a lemon butter sauce served on pasta and expected to get something similar to the courses one get in Italy. The taste was correct, but the size of the portion was gigantic!! Had some Chianti on the glass, and that was very good. Most impressive part of the restaurant was the list of beer they had. I can hardly remember a location except some special bars in Stockholm and Brussels that had as many different varieties. Had I spent more time in Anaheim I would have gone back to this Italian restaurant — to have beer. […]

Bacaro, Champaign

The Bacaro Restaurant in Champaign is a small Italian restaurant with an excellent menu, atmosphere and a good selection of wine and whisky. Regarding wine, this was where we found the perfect Barbera d’Alba. And whisky, they had five different versions of Bruichladdich whisky, including the WMDII – Yellow Submarine that I have not seen often outside of Islay. On the menu they had rabbit. Something I really like and when I see it on the menu I have trouble selecting something else. The rabbit legs (2 of them) where very tender. Just the way rabbit should be. The coffee was 100% american version though…order espresso… I definitely would go back. […]

Moto Restaurant, Chicago

What can I say? It was an experience… The Moto Restaurant in Chicago presented something really different. But, the food was not only different (carbonated water melon anyone?), but also very very tasty. We had the 10 course tasting menu with the wines suggested with it. The wine list was not as impressive, but they had found wine that where the correct ones. One step higher in quality in the wines would make this really good. As it was now, many of the wines where for example very very young. […]

Delirio, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Delirio (if anyone find the homepage for this place, let me know) is a very nice restaurant in the old town. Good service, good price/performance. Good service. Had a rabbit curry for main course that could have been better. Rest of the food was excellent. The only weird thing was that they did not have the classic San Juan rom drinks, like daiquiri. They suggested some other drinks, (I got something that looked like a strawberry martini — and that was very good) and all guests where happy. […]

The Parrot Club, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Wednesday June 26, 2007 I visited The Parrot Club, San Juan, Puerto Rico, for dinner. Dinner was nice, we where seated outdoors, and where greeted by a nice waiter. Food was good. Martini Mojito that they had as one speciality dring was excellent. Starters not as high quality as the people on the table next to us thought. Baby ribs was the best starter. As main course I had blackened tune, rare, and that was really of the best quality. After speaking with the waiter we understand most food was brought to San Juan from the US, except shrimps and some other seafood. Tuna was also brought from the US. Main course was between $20 and $30. […]