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I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

The views expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Netnod or any other of the organisations I have connections to.

Is this a system for "experts"?

So I got yet another invitation to Bluechipexpert. This time I though I could check and see what this new social network is. So I used the link I was asked to use to join. The first thing that happens in this expert system is that I am not allowed to use the browser of my choice. And then, I was not allowed to write my name either. At that point I gave up…I have other things to do. […]

Visit to fair "Skånsk Trädgård" at the Malmö Fair

Part of the Hem & Villa fair at the Fair of Malmö is the special exhibition Skånsk Trädgård. I will help Spiken i Kistan with his exhibition there. It is good they work with gardens and not Internet, as the website is not really functional…

 # curl http://www.skansktradgard.se/ <head><title>Object moved</title></head> <body><h1>Object Moved</h1>This object may be found <a HREF="http://www.skansktradgard.se/">here</a>. </body> 

Updated: You can find find pictures from the fair here. […]

Derailing takes six days to repair

SvD writes about a train that derailed earlier today. A train that had an heavy transformer on it. It derailed between the cities of Norrköping and Katrineholm, and it will take six days before the tracks are open again. Tracks that are used for the fast (everything is relative) trains between Stockholm and Malmö. Banverket write about the problem, and say that it was a transformer on its way from ABB in Ludvika. The transformer weighs 182 tonnes, and the special wagon carrying the transformer weighs 260 tonnes. The whole train is 500 tonnes. They have to build a new road (for the crane that lifts the transformer) which will take two days, repair the tracks etc, so the tracks will not be open for traffic earlier than next Saturday. The transformer and train etc managed to block both tracks. Also SJ writes about it. They do not say much more than that the traffic is rerouted. I ask myself what really happened? Did the tracks not manage to carry the load? Due to a lot of water in the ground? Only the future (investigation) will tell. The interesting part is that SJ claim the accident was in Simonstorp, SvD say “between Norrköping and Katrineholm” while Banverket says Näkna. […]

Flying is not always fun

So, after finding I am flying too much to have a good carbon emission footprint, I now sit here at Arlanda waiting for a flight home. Unfortunately some butterfly was waving its wings some days ago or something. Of course some airplane in Gothenburg is broken, which in turn makes it impossible for the pilots for my flight to come to Stockholm (and fly me to Malmö). Now a flight from London is redirected to Gothenburg to pick up the pilots (which probably make the passengers on that flight to Stockholm really happy). When they are here in Stockholm, they will fly me to Malmö. But, if that was not enough, they (SAS) is probably having some more problems as well, because people that where supposed to fly to Copenhagen are now rebooked to my (delayed) flight to Malmö. So those passengers will be really happy as well. So maybe I am the lucky person after all? Btw, do you understand how SAS believe we will leave ARN at 23:30, and land at 23:00? After all, ARN and MMX are in the same timezone, at least last time I checked. […]

Internationalization is hard

When checking into the hotel here in Barcelona, they (as all hotels) write a nice greeting message on the TV. This time, they even tried to spell my name with the right characters. The problem seems though to be that they wrote things in UTF-8 (or maybe even I did when booking the room?), but the display is ISO-8859-1. […]

Would you use this for an economical transaction?

It is extremely hard for a developer to ensure a system is always up and running, but sometimes the problems make one ask how stable and secure information systems in the world are in reality. […]

I thought SvT was "Fri Television"

SvT (Swedish Television) is running a campaign stating that they are free and independent. You can see their text about the campaign on their own website. But how independent is SvT? – Vi vill visa på skillnaderna mellan public service och kommersiell tv, säger Eva Hamilton, vd för SVT. Vi gör tv för tittarna, inte för annonsörerna. This campaign make me feel ill when they are as sponsored as other channels. Just claiming they are more independent is just so wrong. And they waste money on campaigns like this that make me irritated. So stupid. […]

What music do you want to buy today?

It is cool to see new business methods being tested. I think for example that the main problem with music- and movie distribution is that the products people want does not exist on the market. Here is a new kind of service that the department store Åhléns have. Buying and packaging of digital information with a minimal amount of plastic and paper involved. Great stuff. But, it would be easier to say it was a product I want if it worked… […]

You know you are not in Sweden anymore…

IETF-70 has started in Vancouver, Canada. When driving up from Seattle, I stopped at a grocery store to buy some apples. At the store, one clearly (as you can see on this picture) could clearly see I am not in Sweden anymore. […]

Secure or not secure, that is the question…

Apoteket (the Swedish monopoly pharmacy) has a website that can receive electronic prescriptions from the doctors that support it. Electronic prescriptions is not something new where I live, but what is new is the ability to use the web to ask the doctor for one. If you want more of the same medication you have used before that is. That first step, to get the prescription went fine. The prescription also ended up at the Apoteket website. But now the problems started. First I tried with Safari in MacOSX 10.5.1. It worked fine until I tried to submit a form with my name and address. The name fields where dimmed (but empty) and submitting was impossible as it required data in the name fields. Second try was with Firefox. This time I took more closely note of all certificate problems that arised. First the cert of the Apoteket website had expired. When I later identified myself with the “nice” (irony) Java implementation of BankID I got a warning for that transaction as well, as the signature on the java applet could not be verified. Of course due to mismatch on what CA I trust and what CA they have used when getting their certificate. It is the X.509 multiple root mechanism, where there is no automatic mechanism for finding a trust chain from me to the cert I am to verify, that is broken. And the major reason why I am supporter of single trust root solutions in the cases where not an explicit mesh/web of trust is used, such as in PGP. I had no choice but accepting all of these certificates that I could not verify, while they asked for strong security in the form of the BankID solution. Not really balance in the trust between me and Apoteket. On top of this, they only asked for credit card ID and expiration date. No security code. […]