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I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

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MacOSX 10.5.2 is out

At last 10.5.2 is released. It took some time, but on the other hand, it contains tons of stuff that I look forward to. Just the size of the update (approx 350 MByte) indicates large portions of the operating system has changed. The update exists both for the client and server. Updated: Oh, I forgot the link to Apples site where they have more information about the upgrade. […]

Comment function turned off by mistake…

Because I had not learned the settings in the software I now use for blogging, Mars Edit, the ability to comment on my postings has been turned off by mistake. I now went back in time and turned on the ability to comment again. Sorry for this. […]

The unmanageable Airport

Paul Hoffman writes about him not being able to configure an old Apple Airport base station after upgrading to MacOSX 10.5. The same problem exists if one upgrade to MacOSX 10.5 Server and want to administrate both a MacOSX Server 10.4 and MacOSX Server 10.5 from the same client. The admin software is simply not backward compatible. I think this is a bad thing. Really bad thing. Specifically to not have the MacOSX Server utilities backward compatible with old versions of MacOSX server. Who is upgrading all of their servers at the same time? It is though possible to use the old software (from 10.4) in 10.5. If one remember to name the software differently of course. The links inside the Server Utilities one can use to “jump” between admin and open directory management does not work though. This is broken Apple. Really broken. […]

Enigma simulator for MacOSX version 1.2.1 released

Thought I could be faster than my Joachim (with the Kryptoblog in swedish) noticing that version 1.2.1 of the Enigma emulator is released. I am very fascinated on how these machines worked, the people inventing them and (more importantly) the people that cracked the code. One day I will visit Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms in London that friends say are such good exhibitions. […]

Most interesting MacWorld ever?

When Apple released System 7.0, that was a pretty cool MacWorld (in San Jose btw), but this upcoming MacWorld seems to be pretty cool as well. Rumors float around about various things, all of being interesting (to me):

  • Sub Notebook with flash drive, touch screen etc
  • Info on 3G iPhone
  • iTunes video rentals
  • iPhone developer tools On top of that we can of course think Office 2008 for mac will be released, and tons of Leopard/iPhone/iPod things. All of these available during spring 2008 and not directly in Jan 2008, but…knowing what is released is cool by itself. […]

  • 3G for iPhone 'niche technology'? Not at all!

    An article at MacNN quote some people in the US (Shaw Wu of American Technology Research) stating 3G and HSPA etc is overrated, draw too much batteries and that coverage is spotty at best. I claim they are completely wrong. They obviously have not visited countries like Sweden where 3G coverage is good, 3G-data (broadband connections via 3G modems) is booming and WiMax coverage because of this is not increasing in the speed as one can see in for example the US. 3G broadband sold in Sweden 87490 new subscriptions the 2nd quarter of 2007, which is a growth of 317%. Myself, I am a happy use of 3G data, and the coverage is better on for example the trains in Sweden than the WiFi that the train company provides. I have also stopped using WiFi hotspots as the 3G data coverage is good enough, and speed so fast that changing to WiFi does not make much of a difference. It is more convenient to always use the same kind of connection. […]

    Nokia in ad-war against Apple?

    I presume the campaign Nokia has launched at https://nseries.com/open tell people that their N-Series phones are not locked, while the iPhone is. Kind of interesting campaign that I think more point out the difference between how cellphones are sold in the US and in Europe. Many US sales tricks like locking a phone to a provider are more popular in Europe when tying to 3G than traditional GSM. SIM-lock exist all over the place of course, but prohibition of installing software? Whether I would buy an iPhone? Sure, of course I would, but not as it is now. I have no idea how many friends have asked me whether I was first or not with an iPhone. They have been surprised when I have told them I do not even have one. […]

    Will we see 3G in iPhone in Europe?

    InterDigital announced they have a deal with Apple on wireless technologies for handheld devices. I really hope that implies the iPhone will have 3G capabilities when it comes to Europe. Else the phone will be a dead fish in the water. Phones with non-3G are not as interesting in Europe as people outside might think… Only the future will tell. […]

    New iPod touch – cool but where are the features?

    The iPod touch looks pretty cool. Slim, very thin, has the gorgeous screen the iPhone has, but, it lacks more things than the phone. Although it has wireless (802.11 series WLAN), it lacks an email client. Also missing are the Address Book and Calendar application. Of course, things that can be added by “just” a software upgrade. But as it is today, I do not think it is as interesting. And I am definitely a person that often fights with AppleStore online as soon as things are released. Updated: Actually, if one look carefully on the image(s) of the iPod touch (I even included one in this blog post), one can see a calendar and contact application icon. It is not in the features list though. Updated: What the heck, I need a new keyboard at home, and really like the new Apple Keyboard, the wired one. When ordering that, I also ordered an iPod touch. I just have to know how it works. And, I really like the iPhone user interface… […]

    Apple Mail.App is behaving weird again

    I have no idea how many messages I am supposed to fetch (again). […]