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Swedish Regulator on openness – (PTS-ER-2009:32)

Today the Swedish Regulator PTS handed over their report on openness to the Swedish Government. The report is in Swedish but can be found here.

The report do have an abstract in English, and that summary include the major findings:

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has come to the following conclusions after completing the Government commissioned assignment concerning open networks and services:

1. Openness creates the prerequisites for innovation and competitiveness but must be balanced against other interests worthy of protection, such as incentives to invest and network security.

2. Openness is promoted by securing non-discrimination and effective competition.

3. Openness is of great significance and it is therefore important that suppliers in their marketing activities and in applicable terms and conditions, provide clear and specific information with respect to lock-in periods and restrictions relating to Internet access and access to services.

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