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IPv6 for real

I have been waiting for some time, but enough is enough. Today I rolled up my sleeves and started really implement IPv6 on all of my servers. Now it is done. One of them is reconfigured, but I need a reboot for everything to slip into place, so I will leave that for a few days (until weekend).

This implies also this blog is reachable over IPv6. You see up to the left the IP address I think you are coming from, and if you use IPv6, well, in the old tradition of dancing turtles, and galloping letters, I have my own twist on this. No moving images (because I do not have time), but you will get a surprise.

The first person that contact me and say what happened with the webpage will get a price! And not a bad one either! (Now I just have to figure out what the price is.)

14 comments to IPv6 for real

  • John Burton

    Ah, it’s nice to see a site I can access over ipv6.
    There seem to be a few more these days.