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How to stop pirating of stuff?

There is only one way of stopping pirating, and that is to make it easier to do the right thing. XKCD explain this so well in the image below. Sure, there are some music services that do the right thing, such as the music club that Bowers & Wilkins started together with Real World. I have written about it before. Of course I am a paying member!

New legislation like the one proposed in Sweden (Civilrättsliga sanktioner på immaterialrättens område – genomförande av direktiv 2004/48/EG) is just amazing. The government first of all interpret the Directive 2004/48/EG differently than other countries in Europe. Secondly, they here make an explicit decision that other agencies than the police can do investigations related to criminal activities, and get protection by the law while doing it. We have to remember that Datainspektionen (The Swedish Data Inspection Board) already have stated they do not like this, but the government just move forward. Full steam ahead.

We have to remember that what the legislation imply is that any entity can go to court and request a permission to collect data about private citizens of Sweden. For anything. Not only what the private entity believe is a criminal activity, but what is preparation for such activities. My view is that the legislation make it possible to request IP-addresses of people that for example search for Britney Spears in Google.

What is driving them? They are so completely disconnected from reality, and people are now (as Oscar Swartz explains) ignoring what legislation we get in Sweden. People laugh at politicians.

A sad society indeed. When people start ignoring the government and ignoring legislation. Not only sad, a very dangerous society.

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