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iPhone 3G in Malmö

There where some people in line in Malmö waiting for the release of the 3G iPhone at 00:00:01 local time. About 220 people in line, and they where open until 03:00. IDG wrote that people that wanted a phone should show up early. They where correct, but not for the reason they thought. Phones existed, but the service was slow. Not because of the people, but the computers and the many papers that had to be filled out. Telia staff made an excellent work. On top of that free coffee, hot dogs etc. But, I was number 52 in line (waiting from 19:40), and got my phone at 01:20 (i.e. one hour and twenty minutes after opening). The store was allowed to be open until 03:00 which implies maybe 120 could get a phone. Phew, I feel sorry for the one that is the first behind the cut at 03:00. And feel sorry for the Telia staff that had such a good event, they had phones, but could not serve.

You can see a movie of the line below, and pictures here.

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