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Weird article about broadband investigation in Sweden

IDG writes an article about how the minister Åsa Torstensson will have to fight to get the 3 billion SEK that is proposed in the investigation Broadband 2013. The journalist seems to have watched the video from the hearing on June 9 on the subject, a hearing also I was present at.

Some issues in the article is correct, but I must admit I did not hear the same things as the journalist from the hearing. You can check yourself as the hearing was recorded on video. Direct links to Windows Media here and here.

What was disappointing was that many people that talked at the hearing seems to not have read the investigation. For example ice.net (former Nordisk Mobiltelefoni) that did not understand what the investigation say about radio access. How do they think one will get high bandwidth to the radio antennas without fiber to them? Intel also had a similar strange comment that also is built on the fact that they think the investigation talk about the access network.

Ericsson on the other hand, via Olle Victorsson (also active in the IETF like myself), made the correct comments regarding radio access. That the selection of technologies and location of interconnect points must be chosen in such way that it works well for all access technologies.

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