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Sweden Wiretap Bill

There is an article in The Register about the proposed wiretap legislation in Sweden. People ask me and others on whether this is really for real.

The legislation is very real. It is most certainly to pass the parliament although only 4 parlamentarians have to vote against their party to block it. It will be debated in parliament on June 17. A majority of the parlament (most political parties) are in favor and the real difference is more implementation than the underlaying ideas. The register article does not go into to much depth on how the proposed law describes “passing borders” which is somewhat more complex. But overall the article is correct.

It is a very broad legislation proposal, and on top of the integrity aspects it is unclear who is responsible to do what, the cost aspects are unclear, and there are questions on whether there is a correct composition of the group that can give instructions to the agency that do the wiretap (the government and not the parlament).

Many questions, not many answers. And that is if I ignore the integrity aspects. If I read what integrity people say about the legislation, I am really worried. But, I think the legislation is bad enough as legislation even if I ignore those issues…

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