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Communication on IPv6 by European Commission

The European Commission has released a Communication on IPv6. This is the foundation for the IPv6 Day in Brussels on May 30.

I think this communication is good. I have ben afraid we would see text that tell organisations to start use IPv6. That IPv6 should be used because of reasons that are just not true. As my friend Gaurab said once, “Its just 96 extra bits, no magic”. Instead this document talk about public sector doing things themselves. That they are to set measurable goals on them having their services up on IPv6. And the reasons are also not the hyped ones we have seen the last 10 years or so. Instead real arguments. Pointers to the organisations (RIRs) that deal with addressing issues on a daily basis.

I must say I am impressed, and I congratulate the people that have been working with this. I know some of them, and I know they have worked hard. Well done!

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