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Swedish E-Government Strategy

As I wrote some days ago the strategy was to be presented Thursday, and I was hoping it would straighten out some question marks, and shure it did!

The goal is, as simple as possible, for as many as possible!

The report include many good things, but as minister Mats Odell says in the introduction, now it is time to do something. There are four main processes:

  • Rules and agreements for cooperation between authorities in areas related to IT
  • Technical requirements (including robustness) and standardisation
  • Joint cooperation regarding support processes and feedback, including education related to increased competence
  • Contact with citizens via e-services
  • Coordination of this work is to be done by a new group consisting of a coordination group consisting of State Secretaries of the different Ministries, but coordination must increase also with Cities and Country Councils.

    In all, there are many good things written in this short report, although it is only in Swedish. I hope it will be translated (at least a part of it).

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