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I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

The views expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Netnod or any other of the organisations I have connections to.

Most uninteresting competition so far?

At the ICA food store in Sjöbo, I found this juice that had a folder attached to it. One could when buying the juice win a trip to Österlen. For those of you that know the geography of Sweden, you will know that the winning price could have a value of about $2 for the bus ticket the 5 miles one have to go to reach Österlen. I bet they sold the same juice in Simrishamn, center of Österlen, or Kivik, where the juice is produced (note that the URL https://www.kiviksmusteri.se/ works, but https://kiviksmusteri.se/ does not)… I guess this is what happens when companies like ICA is buying millions of cans of juice, ship them to some central location in Sweden, and ship them again back to the stores. Lots of CO2. Dear ICA, you can do better than this!

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