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Attack against Estonia

Many many people have asked me about what happened in Estonia. I have all the time referred to the Estonian CERT (for those who have access to it), and to news articles that I think correctly written about it.

Here is another one, in Wired. I was interviewed and so where many other people. My visit to the Cert with my friends Kurtis and Bill on May 9 is described as well.

The style is kind of easy to read, movie manuscript, which is a kind of interesting way of writing a description of what really happened. To some degree I think it was fun to read.

The content is very correct…so people interested should read.

The minister of defense checked the Web page again — still nothing. He stared at the error message: For some reason, the site for Estonia’s leading newspaper, the Postimees, wasn’t responding. Jaak Aaviksoo attempted to pull up the sites of a couple of other papers. They were all down. The former director of the University of Tartu Institute of Experimental Physics and Technology d been the Estonian defense minister for only four weeks. He hadn’t even changed the art on the walls.

Updated:There is also an article at IDG, in Swedish, about the cooperation between Sweden and Estonia as a result of the events. That article is not at all as detailed as the one in Wired though. The only thing that is really interesting (and I think correct) in the Swedish article is that we can not in Sweden use the same defense as they used in Estonia. Not specifically because Estonia is a young country though as the article claims. They have much better IT Infrastructure than Sweden in many cases.

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