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Alt Cochem, Cochem, Germany

I normally only write about good restaurants I go to, but this is an exception. The restaurant Alt Cochem. Yes, it was cheap, but… Even though the price was low, the food was possible to eat, I was longing to highway motels where one can stop and get any kind of schnitzel you want in any shape or form you want.

Just look at the menue entry below (that I found did exist outside the restaurant so I should have been warned before entering, but I missed that). If you know more than english you should find some interesting facts, and if you know Swedish you should find that not only the spaces between the words are wrong, the grammar is wrong, but also the translation is wrong.

Sure, the location is great! The kitchen (that was half open) was clean! But, I am sure Cochem have better places to go to. Even for the same low price. But I was in Cochem only one evening and could not try any alternative. Part from of course having coffee at one place, afternoon beer at another and dessert at a third. All three better than Alt Cochem.

That said some people like this place, and I have only been there once. I claim though that given my travel schedule, amount of hotels I stay at, and the number of restaurants I have eaten at the last 15 years give me some ability to make a decision on the level of a restaurant (or hotel etc) already at the first stay.

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