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Favorite restaurants

I have got some questions on what are my favorite restaurants in the world. Which ones have impressed me the most.

Here is a list:

  • Glennfiddich Warehouse no. 68
    A restaurant that should be visited for its beer. And food of course, but the beer is the main attraction. They have many whisky varieties as well.
    Address: Västerlånggatan68, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Oliver Twist
    The best beer location in Stockholm. Have food as well, including for example very good oysters (when being available).
    Address: Repslagargatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Sushi Sam’s
    The best sushi in the world? I have been going to this small place in San Mateo, CA, USA, since I think 1993, and have always been impressed by the quality of the food.
    Address: 218 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA, USA
    Update: I found the hard way yesterday that Sushi Sam’s is closed on Sundays and Mondays

  • Erik’s Gondolen
    A location where you can get food, lot of food, good food, traditional Swedish food. And excellent service.
    Address: Stadsgården 6, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Brasserie Godot
    Brasserie Godot is a mix between a French and Swedish kitchen. Run by people (Staffan and Mattias) I say “hi” to on the street. People that earlier had “Paus” on Rörstrandsgatan. My friend Kurtis followed them to Godot, and dragged me with him. Best dish the chocolate dessert.
    Address: Grev Turegatan 36, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Gastro
    Gastro in Helsingborg, where one also can get some training in the kitchen. For amateurs (like me), but serious real chef training. My friend Joakim pointed me at this training and the restaurant of course, and that was one of the most fun times in my life so far. Run by Per Dahlberg and Karl Bengtsson in the kitchen. Karl himeself run the training by the way. The food is modern, but not “funny” or a joke. This is serious stuff. Really serious.
    Address: Södra Storgatan 11-13, Helsingborg, Sweden

  • More will be added to this page over time.

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