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Investigator Åke Hedén appointed to look at broadband deployment in Sweden

Swedish Government have appointed Åke Hedén as an investigator for broadband deployment in small villages and on the countryside.

It will be extremely interesting to see the actual task he gets, as I have no idea what so ever why the government will ask someone to look at just “small villages” (whatever that is).

This is close to be one of the more confusing statements made by the Swedish Government lately (at least since Beatrice Ask was interviewed, but I wait with my comments until I see what the task really is.

The broadband situation is bad for all of Sweden, not only small villages and the rural parts. In many cases city blocks inside Stockholm is in a much worse situation than a village somewhere in Sweden. What is needed is a general plan what roles various players (Government, City, ISPs, Service Providers in general etc) in reality has. Given that plan, one can then in the second step make sure each step that is taken is matching that plan as good as is possible. One must know head of time whether a decision is a temporary solution or a step towards a good broadband deployment.

The Government made some wrong decisions at the end of the 90’th, and it has taken now almost 10 years to get the train back on the tracks. I do not have the energy of seeing wrong decisions again…

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