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Wine from Dry Creek and Alexander Valley

Earlier this week I spent one afternoon, and one morning, with friends in Alexander Valley and Dry Creek. It resulted in testing these wines. I hope this is helpful for you.

Who the winner was? Definitely Mekker Four Kings Alexander Valley 2008.


Chardonnay 2015 Stuhlmuller Alexander Valley
Lots of oak, but not really butter

Zinfandel 2015 Seaton Dry Creek
Fruity, mild. Strawberry. Jam on the nose. Acids that meet the fruit.

Zinfandel 2015 Verano Dry Creek
Berries on the nose. Quite a lot. Acids and oak. Full bodied.

Zinfandel 2015 Stone Alexander Valley
Blueberries. Have some tannins and lots of acids. Nose was very very berry, but taste not. Acids take over in a good way.

Zinfandel 2015 Serracino Reserve Dry Creek
Black currant, very balanced fruit, acid is excellent.

Zinfandel 2014 Smith Orchard Dry Creek
Candy, sweet, but almost peppermint. Mild acids. Mild berries.

Truett Hurst

2015 Queen Bee Gewurtztraminer
Not sweet but typical. Lemon, yellow pears. A bit bitter.

2014 Black Sheep Pinot Noir
Cedar, almost no tannins. Fruity still and a few acids.

2014 Rattler Rock Zinfandel
Round, easy, jam, not really enough acids.

2014 Southtown Zinfandel
Almost just fruit. Blue grapes. Like fruit juice. Raspberries. Limited amount of acids. Small amount of tannins.

2015 Dark Horse Vineyard GPS
Round, acids, lots of fruit. Damp, strawberry and blueberry. Very sweet on the nose. Jam.

2014 Burning Man Petit Sirah
Oh! Smoked eel! Tannins, lots of it. Very different.

2014 Osprey Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford
So typical. Grass. Napa cab. Black berries. Not the best, but young.

2014 Lucy Zinfandel Dry Creek
Dry ripe cherries, over black ripe cherries. Slow mild sweetness. Not much acids.


Blanc de Noir, 80% Pinot, 20% Chardonnay
taste is some strawberry. Light. Short after taste.

2015 Russian River Sauvignon Blanc
Mild on the typical Sauvignon blanc. More herbs. Smell is somewhat muggy. Bad bottle? Bad glass!!!

2014 Russian River Chardonnay
Honey, oak, somewhat lemon. But too much oak to me.

2016 rose of Pinot Noir
Strawberry, thin, somewhat longer taste. Watermelon. Could be more balanced. A bit bitter.

2014 Stars Pinot Noir
Thick. Red berries but also some black on the nose. Non dried dark wood. Like mahogany. Short taste.

2014 Cresta Ridge Pinot Noir
Cucumber in the nose! Round. Not too much fruit. Very northern Californian. Cucumber also in the taste. Very different! Red wines.

2014 Moon Pinot Noir
Very well balanced, not too fruity. Acids very friendly. Some tannins.

2014 Earth Pinot Noir
Warm round. Aged already now. Acids are nice. Dark earth. Mushrooms.

2014 Sexton vineyard
Very similar to the moon, but more round. Almost boring :-)


2013 Arbios Alexander Valley cab
Dark, smoke, too few acids


2011 Munselle Cab Wasson Ranch
Grass, long tase, round. Not much acids.


2014 Parmeson cab (same wine as munselle)
Soft, black wine gum

William Gordon

2011 William Gordon Alexander Walley cab
Lots of acid, long taste, fruit and berries but not too much


2014 Freddie Mercury Rose
Thicker, non-sweet, more skin from the red.

500 mini jug, Zin syrah and cab
Balanced, thick, blue and black berries. Quite long surprising taste.

2015 Zinfandel
Low alcohol, cranberry, not too much jam. Nice acids.

The cru, lot vii, mostly cab franc
Typical cab franc nose. Tastes brilliantly. Good smooth berries. Black ripe berries. A little cherries. 75 cases

Mercurio lot iv, 100% Tempranillo
Solera style. Oak. Grass. A few herbs.

Comment on other manufacturers: “They are a bit whacka – doo with their biodynamic nonsense”

Mercury Freddie cuvée 2011, 100% Mourvèdre
Soft, very long taste, some cherries and raspberries. A bit basil, but very hidden.

Mercury the skins 2015
Orange 15 days with red skin
Interesting wine, not at all as experimental as others I have tried.

West wines

Seafoam blanc the blanc 2014
Much rounder than a classic French blanc de blanc. Long after taste. Fruit on the nose. Even slight strawberries. Acids where they should be.


Four Kings Alexander Valley 2008
OMG! This is amazing. Mix between Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, merlot and petit Verdot.

Alexander Valley Vineyard

2015 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Soft fruit on the nose. Leather. Dark and red cherries. Only small amount of grass. Very good acids and balances with fruit.

2013 Reserve Primitivo
Light color. Spices on the nose. Dry strawberries. Lots of tannins. Long fruity nose, but young fruit, no jam. Good acids.

2014 Reserve Cab
Soft, a bit thin. Lots of tannins. Not enough fruit to balance it.

2012 Reserve Alluvia Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache
Mild tastes from the wine. Very light on the nose. No oak.

2012 Single Barrel Cabernet
Red berries. Leather. Taste red wine. Mild acids. Tannins definitely are there balancing the fruit. Red ripe apples.

2012 Cyrus, Bordeaux style blend. 72% Cab, Merlot, cab franc, petit verdot, Malbec
Very good and typical French Bordeaux blend.
Round on the palate. Leather. Some grass. Ripe black cherries. Boiled spinach.

2013 Cyrus, Bordeaux style blend. 64% Cab, Merlot, 20% cab franc, petit verdot, Malbec
Thicker, white pepper, some grass. Very big body. Long after taste. Some water in the taste, but because of the young age.

2014 Salvation Late Harvest Zinfandel
Soil on the nose. Tires and asphalt. Sweet, thick. With fudge an interesting mix. Unfortunately not as much chocolate in the fudge as I would have liked. Lots of sugar which made mouth explode.


Brut Frizzante
Yellow and green apples. Fresh. After taste balanced between acids and fruit.

2014 Barbera
Fruit and not too much berries. Fresh. Vegetables. Boiled tomatoes.

2014 Sangiovese
Dark fruits. Ripe peach on the nose. Mild Long acids. Smooth.

2012 Raffinto (super Tuscany)
Red currant. Some dark cherry in the after taste. Good acids that stay long on the tongue.

2013 Ricordo (Zinfandel blend)
Very heavy. Full body. Cedar wood (weird?). Lots of soft acids. Blue Plums.

2013 Cabernet Franc
Lots of blue fruit. Some melon. Lead. Round and balanced. Acids and fruit meet in this quite thick mix.

2013 Cabernet (first round)
Round and balanced. Cherries. Lots of cherries. Red cherries. Chocolate filled with red cherries.

2013 Regale (Cabernet blend)
Tannins and acids all over. Mild fruit. Cherries. No notice of oak. A little bit grass and chives.

2012 Rapport Port, 100% zinfandel
Round, sweet. Excellent with chocolate. Sweet But not sugar crisp.

2013 Rapport Port, 100% zinfandel
Sharp, very good acids. Mild taste. Plums, black and red berries. Not so sweet. Will definitely be good in a few years.


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