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Solution to old keynote files missing images

Today I had the need to look at some old presentations I have made. Or rather, not very old at all. Just a few generation Keynote back in time. I got an error message. Asked me to use an old version of Keynote.Old KeynoteOk, I accepted and opened the file in the old version of Keynote (that I luckily still had installed). I then got some weird error message that I did not like. Some warnings. Strange.
Images missing

When looking at the warnings, I saw some images where missing, which was also visible on the previous image (see the box and question marks).Specification over filesThis did not look good at all. But when looking at the content of the folder which in fact the keynote file is, I did see the images, although compressed. The easiest way is btw to select the keynote file in Finder, copy, go to a terminal window, type “cd ” and paste, and the path to the folder will be inserted.

I just by chance uncompressed those files.

ix>cd /Users/paf/Dropbox/Talks/control-internet.key
Contents/			pasted32.pict.gz
White_photo-bullets.pdf.gz	pasted33.pict.gz
g_Logo.jpg.gz			pasted34.pict.gz
pasted.pdf.gz			pasted35.pict.gz
pasted.pict.gz			pasted36.pict.gz
ix>gunzip *.gz */*.gz

After this, opening the file worked.
Just save the file, and you are done!

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