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Kent Berggren

Kent Berggren

Kent Berggren

One of my oldest friends on the Internet passed away quietly night between Saturday and Sunday. We have known each other since 1992 or even earlier when Swedish Radio contacted us at Royal Institute of Technology to discuss email deployment.

Kenta was one of the few persons in the world that although he was misunderstood now and then (partly due to dyslexia) was one of the most loyal persons there is. And not a single piece of him was evil or had evil thoughts.

Me and people on mailing lists in Sweden where Kenta has been active the last 20 years or so already miss him — deeply. Even people that say they have never met him in person.

I have met him. Thousands of times, if not more. He always helped people when he could.

I am missing you already Kenta.

So much.

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  • Erik Edbladh

    Haven’t seen him for a couple of years. Can’t do anything but agree 100% with you on your post Patrik :-(

    He’ll surely be lost, and missed as a HAM (SM0LRU) as well.

    /erik – SM0GBY

  • I am deeply saddened.

    Kenta was a inspiring soul, and also the kindest person and a real freedom fighter working behind the “enemy lines”, in the good way.

  • Yes, sad news indeed. Here he was a member for at least 25 years; always curious, always trying this and that but also eager to lend a hand or a thought if he could. Now serving as the auditor (and FreeBSD advocate:).

    You were a bit quick to leave Kenta, so I just
    # usermod -m -d /heaven/kenta kenta
    and let’s go on.

    Ha det så bra kenta.

    A big salute from the sysops at ABC-Klubben

  • David, SM3ULC

    Sad news it is. Even though I only known him for a couple of years I will miss him deeply. When arriving at SR.se
    he immediately took me under his wing, that ham-signal probably made some difference. He was loud, he was frank, but he was also one of the most considerate persons I’ve ever known. Almost every day he dropped by my room to discuss
    the latest on- or off-hour hacks. He was a true hacker. Didn’t matter if it was gigahertz transverters or stripping video from BBC, he hacked away. I can’t understand that he won’t show up in doorway or drag me into his cluttered
    room again.

    My thoughts go to his wife and his children he was so proud of.

    Kenta, far too early you became Silent Key. 73 de ULC

  • very very sad, no more to say…..

  • Joakim

    I´ve known Kenta for almost 20 years and worked with him at Sveriges Radio the last months of his life. He really lived for his work at the radio, and although retired, he signed up for another two years. He was liked by most people at Sveriges Radio but a few were afraid of his knowledge and his commitment.
    Sooner or later the truth about his last days alive will be revealed and everyone will understand he died a hero´s death.

  • Folke

    Too sad and too soon!
    Will definitly miss you Kenta and our lunch discussions!!

  • I knew Kenta from a few mailinglists, beer gatherings and conferences.
    He was always positive and easy to talk to, he wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions even if it was outside his turf or could embarrass his employer.
    Kenta was open to new technology and he always could give me a tip on new interesting hardware and software.

    I was hoping for that tour of SR one day, but without Kenta it won’t be the same.

  • Joakim

    To alla of Kenta´s friends
    The funeral service will take place on Friday the 13th at 13.00 at Heliga Korsets kapell at Skogskyrkogården. I know his family will appreciate to se all his friends there. Please call the funeral service at 08-714 06 59 and tell them you´re coming.

  • bengan

    I did know Kenta from old times although we haven’t been in contact since my KTH-years. My condolences to his near and dear ones. He will be missed.