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Our Internet – Our Rights, Our Freedoms



Today Council of Europe host a conference on Internet and Human Rights. Sweden is well represented by myself, Johan Hallenborg, Olof Ehrenkrona and more.

This is an evidence Sweden take this topic very seriously, and todays discussions will make that very clear.

My panel is today in the afternoon. On connection between choice of technologies and Human Rights. Sounds fuzzy maybe but that is what I will clarify.

Vienna is cold though…outdoors.

1 comment to Our Internet – Our Rights, Our Freedoms

  • Göran

    Too bad Sweden is such a bunch of hypocrites. One one hand, we have regular people fighting for peoples freedoms. On the other hand, we have stupid politicians that buy into whatever lobbyists say (or sometimes, it’s their own idea) that Sweden should filter everything, ban everything and shut everything down. And that’s the people in control of the law. Yay, go freedom. While it lasts..