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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Google tribute to Steve Jobs

Google tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is gone. Some thousands or even millions of bloggers have already written about it. I saw it this morning when waking up. Some SMS messages (including from my manager and the Swedish News Agency TT), some Tweets and tons of information in Facebook. And that was at 4AM.

A few hours later I am on a train towards Stockholm. Looking and being fascinated how different various media is describing it. I will not go into what I think of Swedish Aftonbladet writing that we lost “en färgklick” but instead mention two sites that I think did The Right Thing.

The first is Google. Their tribute to Steve is so simple, so elegant, so…perfect.

Wired tribute to Steve Jobs

Wired tribute to Steve Jobs

The second is Wired. Their tribute is absolutely astonishing. Can one do a better design than that?

Heaven got a major upgrade today.

I have myself been working with Apple products since 1984, wrote the first code for the mac a year or so later, and finally wrote some real code for the Newton. At that time, Steve was already working with Pixar and NeXT, and I did not like the direction Apple Inc was moving. We who where Apple users all remember the 5400. Sigh… Luckily, Steve came back (although he killed the Newton), and from around 1998 the usage of MacOSX has exploded. And the iPhone, iPad etc product line that started with the MP3 player is just phenomenal.

Yes, thousands of things I am irritated on, but if I compare with the competition…it is an easy win.

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  • Tack Steve!…

    Jag brukar inte bry mig om design, det är i vägen för teknik. Stationära datorer bygger jag själv, servrar ska vara 1U och laptops är ett nödvändigt ont som aldrig har nog med batterikapacitet. Så brukade det vara, Patrik har så länge jag har känt hono…