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Communication with EU DG-INFSO





Being chair of the Cooperation Working Group in RIPE, and co-editor of the ENUM standard, I have together with one of the chair of the ENUM Working Group, Niall O’Reilly, invited the Vice-President of the European Commission and Comissioner of the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, to the upcoming RIPE Meeting in ViennaYou can see the letter that we send on 5 July 2011 here.

On the 20th of July we unfortunately got a negative response that you can find here.

After discussing whether we should give up or not (and having some well deserved vacation), we sent a letter to Deputy Director-General of Information Society and Media Directorate-General of the European Commission, Antti Peltomäki:

From: Patrik Fältström
Subject: INFSO representation at upcoming RIPE meeting in Vienna?
Date: 7 september 2011 23:22:39 GMT+03:00
To: Antti Peltomäki
Cc: Niall O’Reilly


Niall and I sent the attached letter to Commissioner Kroes, and got the unfortunate negative response, also attached, regarding her inability to participate in the upcoming RIPE meeting in Vienna. The fact that she could not come personally might be expected. But it is disappointing that apparently nobody from INFSO can come

The RIPE community is interested in management of identifiers in general, and E.164/ENUM specifically. RIPE NCC is the organization that manages the E.164 country codes for ENUM. So I am now asking you for some suggestions on what we can do to get some information to the RIPE community regarding INFSO work on this and related topics.

As you probably know Gordon Lennox does tend to come to these meetings but in a “private” capacity. Detlef Eckert has also been to some RIPE meetings. It would be good though to have one of the heads of unit more directly involved in ETNS to come and talk to us.


Patrik Fältström

ARES (2011) 1002828

ARES (2011) 1002828

On the 22nd of September, we got a response from Antti Peltomäki. You can find the response here.

As a result of this response, we chairs have reached out a third time
to the individuals mentioned in the letter.

To some degree though I think it is sad that we still did not get any
higher level participation at the RIPE meeting.

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  • I suggest that RIPE make some “private donations” to Commissioner Kroes’s family members.
    That’s how politics in the stratosphere is working. (please note the irony)