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qr-code FTW!



During a session on RPKI at the RIPE62 meeting in Amsterdam, I got question number 1337 about why I am in a wheelchair. Before, or maybe while, I answered a friend suggested I should create a webpage with the explanation, and then a qr-code with the URL. Laminate the printed qr-code and put on the back of the wheelchair.

An excellent idea, if I knew for real what/how qr-codes work. Yes, I sort of do, and have been watching how things have evolved in Japan since 10 years back or so.

About time I did something… I created the webpage, and the using the online service at Kaywa to generate the code. Now the nice people at RIPE62 is laminating the paper and it will be stuck on the wheelchair shortly.

Updated: People have asked me what software I use to scan the qr-code on the iPhone. I use RedLaser.

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