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Flattr, is that the new shit?

Yesterday I visited Flattr in Malmö, and had a long nice coffe with some really smart people. Part from exchanging ideas on human rights issues, how to build networks in general, of course they also explained to me how Flattr works. In the case other people have not understood, here is the deal:

  1. You create a flattr account, and deposit money
  2. You choose how much money you want to donate each month
  3. You flattr (verb) various posts from people
  4. Each month, Flattr (the company) divide your donation between the number of flattr’s you have done

To make money they of course keep a small transaction fee. Which is fair.

I have also with the help of Veidit got some Flattr introduced on my blog. This one and of course also on http://go6.se/ where you can find a test on whether a domain name supports IPv6 correctly or not.

No go out there, join Flattr, and start flattr’ng!

9 comments to Flattr, is that the new shit?

  • Lars Aronsson

    I know several people who already use this service. But they are young / students / early adopters, and not wealthy people who put in substantial money. Some websites get hundreds of flattrs, but very few dollars.

    • paf

      That can absolutely be the case, but it is still an interesting concept I think. A new way of “distributing money”. I will try this for a while and see what happens.

  • Lars Aronsson

    If more wealthy people start using it, the problem is that they have bad taste and don’t flattr the right things. Young smart people should team up with the wealthy, to combine good judgement with substantial funds.

    • paf

      Today your money go to what you flattr:ed. That algorithm is straight forward but of course variants of this could be experimented with. For example, a certain portion of what you flattr could be given to what (as you say) other kinds of people flattr.

  • Erik S

    I’d like to see Flattr accept Bitcoins. Two emerging cool new thingies, but in one!

  • Not completely satisfied with cool and awsome people insisting on visiting the office when I’m not there! :)

    But welcome to Flattr ;)

  • Ah yes, our little lovely espresso machine is awesome.
    Even though me and caffeine aren’t completely on friendly terms! *she says as she has another sip of Club-mate*

    Maybe you can join us at the Meet-up in 2 weeks!

  • […] Stupid domain name, aka Patrik Fältström, finally visited the office and got the explanation he needed to realize how awesome and amazing Flattr is! He also added it to go6.se (swe) which is an initiative to collect information about ipv6 use. [Flattr] […]