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DNSSEC celebration

DNSSEC Sticker

At the IETF-78 meeting in Maastricht, Netherlands, there was a celebration of the signing of the root zone. Champagne was served, and at while walking out of the plenary we also got cookies and a sticker.

17 years of hard work, and all we got was a sticker ;-)

2 comments to DNSSEC celebration

  • Joe Abley

    We got a sticker *and* some degree of confidence that DNSSEC didn’t make anybody angry. That’s something :-)

    • paf

      Yup, nothing happened on July 15, nothing happened when DURZ was complete, and nothing today either :-)

      So we celebrate that nothing happened! Hurray!

      Updated: I feel I to make things clear should explain to people not understanding the details of the situation that the goal was to ensure we had plans if something happened. Now nothing happened, and that was the best thing that could happen, so to speak. Joe and other on the other hand did have plans also if something would happen. Plans they now did not have to execute.