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I am employed by Netnod as head of engineering, research and development and am among other things chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee at ICANN. You can find CV and photos of me at this page.

As I wear so many hats, I find it being necessary to somewhere express my personal view on things. This is the location where that happens. Postings on this blog, or at Facebook, Twitter etc, falls under this policy.

The views expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Netnod or any other of the organisations I have connections to.

Why do we need “open access”?

I got the question yesterday again, why we need open access, or why do we need network neutrality.

I have three reasons why that is needed:

  1. Transparency: End users, that buy access, must know before they sign a contract what service they will get. This implies both transparency and the ability for customers to compare the products of two competing providers.
  2. Investments: The providers of access must be able to use traffic management to ensure the user experience for the end user (their customer) stays the same over the contracted period. On the other hand, an access provider should not replace investments in more capacity with traffic management.
  3. Innovation: Innovators, and specifically public services that provide new services need to know how to design their products so that it can be used by as many customers as possible. We can not accept a future public service that require end users to be customers of a specific access provider.

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